Honour killing story

born: 1989
Murder: 14 November 2016
Residence: Senftenberg (Lausitz)
Origin: Chechnya
Children: 5
Perpetrator: her husband Rashid D. (31 years)
Asma is 27 years old, comes from Chechnya in May 2016 and has 5 children with her husband Rashid. The family applies for asylum and lives in Senftenberg, Brandenburg, in an apartment building inhabited by refugees.

On November 14, 2016, Rashid stabbed his wife with a knife more than 20 times. Then he throws her out of the window of the second floor. She falls 6 meters down. Because she is still alive after the blow, the man cuts her throat with a knife. Asma dies at the scene of the crime. The perpetrator has been arrested.

During this time the 5 children sleep in the apartment. They are taken under the care of the Youth Care Office. Later they came to relatives in Chechnya. They are probably taught there that their father had the right to kill their mother.

In June 2017, Rashid is sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for manslaughter. It is said that there were motives for murder. However, it is questionable whether the perpetrator was aware of this. Because he was "arrested because of his Muslim faith, which he had followed all his life". He came from a Chechen village, where it was obvious that women were killed in certain cases of misconduct. According to the verdict, which is considered scandalous, it is not the public prosecutor who appeals, but the defence. The verdict can therefore no longer be challenged. In addition, it appears that Rashid should have been deported a month before the crime was committed. But the officials hadn't found him in his apartment. The real name of the victim is not known.

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