Honour killing story: Elena M.

Honour killing story caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right Elena M. born: 1984 attempted murder: 15 April 2015 Residence: Munich Origin: Perpetrator: Syria; Victim: Lithuania Children: 3 (between 2 and 8 years) Perpetrator: her boyfriend Jandi I. (31 years) Elena and the kitchen help Jandi have 3 common children. She lives according to his Muslim rules. But […]

Honour killing story: Jaquelin / Jacqueline Fedder

Honour killing story Jaquelin / Jacqueline Fedder born: 1994 Strangled: 25 March 2015 Residence: Hamburg Origin: Victim: Germany; Perpetrator: Afghanistan Children: probably not Perpetrator: her boyfriend Hamed H. (18 years) Jacqueline has a relationship with Hamed, who is 3 years younger. The police consider him a serial offender. In Jacqueline’s apartment (or that of her […]

Honour killing story: Wiebke O.

Honour killing story Wiebke O. born: 1987 strangled: May 16, 2016 Residence: Cologne Origin: Victim: Germany, Perpetrator: Turkey Children: 3 daughters (2, 12, 13 years) Perpetrator: her boyfriend Yakub B. (30 years) Wiebke has two daughters from a previous relationship with Vito A, who is over 10 years older. One of them is 13, which […]

Honour killing story: Tunay Gültekin

Honour killing story Tunay Gültekin born: 1977 stabbed: 15-16 May 2016 Residence: Berlin-Mariendorf Origin: Victim: Turkey; perpetrator: Congo Children: 1 son perpetrator: her boyfriend Yve M. (39 years) Tunay studied philosophy in Turkey and lives unemployed in Berlin-Mariendorf. She lives with her boyfriend from Congo. On June 10, 2016, the heavily decomposed body of Tunays […]

Honour killing story: Lisa

Honour killing story Lisa born: 1996 strangled: 14 May 2016 Location: Wuppertal Origin: Nigeria Children: one baby (3 months) Perpetrator: her boyfriend Austin E. (20 years) On May 14, 2016, Austin from Nigeria breaks some ribs of his girlfriend’s and strangles her with bare hands in her apartment. He leaves her 3 month old baby […]

Honour killing story: Shania

Honour killing story Shania born: 2001 Attempted murder: 14 September 2018 Place of residence: Bad Liebenwerda (Brandenburg) Origin: Iran Children: 1 son Perpetrator: her boyfriend (at act 29 y.) In the late evening of 14 September 2018, neighbours in an apartment block in Bad Liebenwerda, Brandenburg, hear a quarrel. A 17-year-old Iranian woman is pushed […]

Honour killing story: Aneta

Honour killing story Aneta born: 1986 Attempted murder: 29 July 2018 Place of residence: Dresden Origin: Victims: Czech Republic; Perpetrators: Tunisia Children: unclear Perpetrator: a Tunisian (at act 29 y.) Aneta is from the Czech Republic, her friend from Tunisia. Probably the following happened: On 29 July 2018 Aneta threatens to leave him. He stabbed […]