Honour killing story

Fatima S.
born: 1990
stabbed to death: 28 July 2016
Residence: Bocholt/NRW
Origin: Victim: Morocco; perpetrator: Lebanon
Children: 3
Perpetrator: her life partner Amer K. (36 years)
Fatima comes from Morocco, Amer from Lebanon. They have 3 common children and live in Bocholt.

On July 28, 2016, the father stabbed the mother in front of the children and fled. More than 20 stitches in the throat and chest are counted later. Local residents discover the bleeding woman,

She's dying in the hospital. The children go to the youth care office.

A week later, in his car in Bocholt, Amer was recognized by the police and arrested.

In January 2017, the manslaughter lawsuit at the Court of Münster begins. In February Amer is sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for manslaughter.

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