Honour killing story

born: 1986
stabbed to death: 29 April 2016
Location: Munich / Eisenhüttenstadt
Origin: Syria
Children: 3 boys, 1 girl (11, 10, 7, 1 year)
Perpetrator: Osman, her divorced husband (36 years)
In early 2016 Hasnaa comes to Germany with 3 children as refugees from Syria. A few months earlier the father of the children came with another son. The profession of both parents is musician. Whether the relationship still existed at the time of the flight is unclear.

The mother and the 3 children are sent to an asylum centre in Eisenhüttenstadt, the father with a son to Munich. At the end of April Hasnaa wants to visit them and goes to Munich.

It comes to a dispute, Osman kills his wife with 20 stabs. She bleeds to death. He places the body behind a sports field near the asylum centre. Pedestrians discover the body. She can be recognised by her fingerprints. Osman becomes involved in contradictory statements with the police and an arrest warrant is issued. Osman denies the crime.

The children are taken into the care of the youth care office.

The trial will start in May 2017 at the Munich Court. In July Osman is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. The sentence explicitly mentions the injured honour as a motive.

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