Honour killing story

Huda A.
born: 1970
Attempted murder: 15 February 2017
Place of residence: Bielefeld
Origin: Iraq
Children: ?
Perpetrator: her husband Bassam S. (at act 51 y.)
Huda takes part in a German course in Bielefeld. Perhaps she learns there that she is not at the mercy of her husband in Germany.

The husband storms into the language course in the morning of 15 February 2017 and attacks his wife with a hammer. He is overwhelmed.

Huda comes seriously injured to the hospital. A homicide squad is established, an arrest warrant is issued for attempted manslaughter and bodily injury.

The Bielefeld Regional Court sentences Bassam to 6 years imprisonment for attempted manslaughter in July. The verdict states that the "traditional understanding of the role in the Islamic world that men prevail and women subjugate has changed diametrically."

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