Honour killing story

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Asila and Sarah Nahami
born: 2011,2009
beaten to death: August 25, 2018
Place of residence: Yemen
Origin: Yemen
Children: She was a child herself
Perpetrator: her father

Eight-year-old Asila Nahami was beaten to death on the public street by her father with a thick wooden stick that is normally used on donkeys because she was playing outside with her nephews.

When local residents urged the father to stop and ask for medical help for his unconscious daughter, he refused.

Later, Asila was taken to a medical station, half dead. A lawyer happened to be at the clinic and upon seeing her serious injuries said,"i thought she fell down the mountain", he took the last footage of Asila alive after which she passed away in 5 minutes. The local police were called in for an investigation.

The police forces went to the victims house only to find her sister Sarah injured, when asked, they found out, their father burnt Sarah's Eyes because she wore "eyeliner".

The case has been in court since August 2018, the court has ruled the case as a "minor offence",a father can not be punished for murdering his child according to the Yemeni penal law. However, because of the public anger among the Yemeni population, the father was imprisoned by the local authorities for a few months.

The justice system has no respect whatsoever towards the sanctity of a murdered child's case as the Judge and general system are neglecting the issue.

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