Honour killing story

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born: 1995
Shot: August 16, 2019
Location: Saraitarin, U.P.
Origin: India
Children: none
Perpetrators: possibly her father, brother and uncle
Deeksha studied at a university. She was in love with one of her classmates who lived in the same place as her. They wanted to marry each other. They belonged to the same caste and religion, so that was no problem at all.

Both have spoken to their parents about the wedding plans. The boy's parents agreed, but the girl's parents didn't want that. They were totally against their love. The girl often tried to make them understand, but they disagreed and told her not to have contact with the boy, but the girl still had contact with him. When Deeksha's parents and other family members discovered this in February 2019, they locked Deeksha in their house. They forced her to leave her studies and research projects behind and she was not allowed to contact others in any way.

Deeksha didn't agree to leave that boy. Then family members decided to kill her. They had a permit for a gun. On 16 August the girl was shot twice.

When the neighbours came to the sound of gunshots, Deeksha was lying dead on the ground. The neighbours were told that the girl committed suicide, but how can someone commit suicide by shooting herself twice? Then they asked their neighbors to help and protect them from the police and the media.

The neighbours have listened. No one has called the police. Instead, they went to her cremation two hours after her murder. They didn't have any dry wood for the cremation, so they used gasoline for it and the unburnt remains were thrown into a river to destroy all the evidence.

Now they play the sympathy card. Because of social media attention, the police somehow came into contact with the family, but it was already too late. Family members reacted as if nothing serious had happened, the girl was suffering from Diarrhoea and she died from it. So it is a natural death and so no criminal proceedings are opened. They had collected all kinds of false documents about her illness.

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