Testimony 163 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

Civil servant
For the time being it seems that there was jealousy because Narges would get married shortly afterwards and because Narges led a very happy life and we are looking for the motif in that line. On the contrary, it is suggested in the media that Narges is a victim of an honour killing. This is a completely false suggestion. There is simply no evidence for an honour killing. The family has nothing to do with it. Why I emphasise this is because it is also very unpleasant for the family members. It's just hard that the community looks at you like this, that the environment looks at you like this. While you are in your grief. So, in that respect, you can just rule out the possibility of an honour killing. According to the suspect shot-caller, TGO Gero team leader Tijn Keuss has told the lawyer Ruijzendaal that Narges Achikzei's ex-boss is frustrating the investigation with his publications on the internet.

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