Testimony 229 in Narges Achikzei murder case

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The facts and context of this case are related to the so-called 'Zeister fire murder'. That case played out in late 2009. At that time a woman (Narges Achikzei) was set on fire in an elevator of a flat.

The defendant in the present case knew the victim of the Zeister fire murder. She had worked for the defendant in 2007 and 2008. The defendant allegedly had a crush on her, but that love was not reciprocated. At some point, after Narges Achikzei's then boyfriend threatened the suspect, Narges Achikzei was summarily fired by the suspect. The defendant then allegedly stalked Narges Achikzei. Narges Achikzei filed a report of that. As a result of that report, the suspect was interviewed by police officer MDNDR010 in 2009. During that interrogation, MDNDR010 got the impression that the suspect mixed up fiction and truth and had all kinds of unsubstantiated theories, which she recorded in an official report. In late 2009, Narges Achikzei was set on fire in an elevator and died. A (female) acquaintance of Narges Achikzei is convicted of that fact.

After Narges Achikzei's death, the suspect sent numerous emails to a variety of agencies and posted messages on websites writing that the police had targeted the wrong perpetrator. There were alleged honor killings. Later, the accused sent hundreds of e-mails to the police in which he stated, among other things, that the Zeist police were corrupt.

The proven facts in the present case took place in 2017. In January of that year, the accused posted a video on YouTube containing a photo of policewoman MDNDR010, photoshopped with a police cap, and including the text that officer MDNDR010 of the Zeist Police is corrupt and lied so that Narges Achikzei's ex-employer - AG: that is the accused himself - would be prosecuted for libel, slander and stalking. Later in the video, the official report made by MDNDR010 of the suspect's interrogation in 2009 is shown. The suspect has not only labeled police officer MDNDR010 as corrupt, but in a number of emails also police officer MDNDR011 and the Zeist police in general.

The defendant has acknowledged that he posted the video on YouTube and sent the relevant emails. He is of the opinion that the statements are not punishable because he intended to achieve an important goal by doing so and the context in which he made the statements removes their insulting character. The court rejected the defendant's defenses and convicted the defendant of libel (fact 1) and insult (fact 2 and fact 3). -Attorney General at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands mr. P.M. Frielink on August 29, 2023.


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