Testimony 203 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

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I heard sad news on Ustad adat's show the other day. A young Afghan (23) from the Netherlands (Utrecht), named Nargiz, was sprayed with gasoline and set on fire by cowardly sneaky figures, after which she later died of her injuries. She was/was engaged and a student. Their wedding was scheduled for December 20. According to Ustad Sadat, this is what happened: The doorbell rang and a postman told her to come down from the 8th floor and accept her package. She went downstairs but found no one at the entrance. Afterwards she went back up to the apartment and just as she opened the elevator door to go into her apartment, she was held by two men, one of whom poured gasoline over her and set her on fire. I have two suspicions: Either the killers are islamophobic or someone who loved her and could not get her.

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