Testimony 242 in murder case Narges Achikzei

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Broadcasting association BNNVARA announces in a press release the broadcast of 6 episodes of "The Family Investigator," produced by Jessica Villerius' Posh Productions: "Family investigators often balance between two different worlds with, on the one hand, the grief, anger and sometimes even hatred of the relatives and, on the other hand, their colleagues from the investigation team who are doing everything they can to catch the perpetrators. Where they normally have an absolute confidentiality function, they are now talking for once and with the full cooperation of the relatives about the case that has impressed them the most."

A photo of family investigators Erik & Saskia referred to the "Zeister fire murder." In response, Geissen contacted BNNVARA and warned them of the negative consequences of broadcasting that episode. Geissen emphasized that no one is waiting for the lies of notoriously corrupt cops from Zeist, and he referred to all the fabricated stories that cops had already told.

On behalf of BNNVARA, communications consultant Michiel van Rijswijk responded in the only proper way: "Dear Mr. Geissen, Thank you for your messages regarding our series 'The Family Investigator'. We can inform you that the case you speak of, the "fire murder in Zeist," is not part of the episodes we will broadcast."

BNNVARA thus aired 5 of the 6 episodes of "The Family Investigator." Posh Productions emailed that at Geissen's request it would remove the photo of family investigators Erik & Saskia because the episode never aired.


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