Testimony 189 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

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Civil servant
Police take honour killings into account. The victim would get married. Marriage is said to have been carried out in accordance with Islamic laws. This explains the unmarried living together. The woman who was set on fire had been living for months in contempt with her former boss. Her sister, friend and lawyer were also accused of fraud and threats by the man in numerous publications. It is not certain whether this conflict has led to the horrific death. The Public Prosecution does not want to answer questions, because the case is under investigation. The police do take the entanglements into which Achikzei had ended up into account in the investigation. But according to spokesman Aling, there is still nothing to be said about the motif. No suspects have been arrested yet. It is clear, however, that the conflict did put considerable pressure on Achikzei and other parties involved. The police assume that more people are involved in the case.

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