Testimony 228 in Narges Achikzei murder case

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Civil servant
In July 2006 I started working as chief of the district criminal investigation department in the then police district Binnensticht, police district Binnensticht, which included the municipality of Zeist. When the national police force was formed, this district was merged into the East Utrecht district and I obtained the formal position of Operational Expert at the district criminal investigation department of that new district. (...) In these activities, I have in the past indirectly had several dealings with Mr. Ralph Geissen, then living in Zeist. Very indirectly I was also involved in the investigation into the death by burning of a woman in the elevator of a flat on the Laan van Vollenhove in Zeist (Investigation Gero). (...)

(... ) From about January 6, 2017, that detective again received emails from Mr. Geissen. I heard from that detective that in those mails Mr. Geissen calls me by name and calls me a "corrupt police chief", referring to said investigation Gero. (... ) Meanwhile, I have read two mails from Mr. Geissen through that investigator, namely the mail of 06.01.2017, in which I saw/read that Mr. Geissen calls me by name and calls me corrupt. Because of what I have read and now heard via via, I feel my honor and good name have been assaulted and at the very least insulted by Mr. Geissen. He deliberately sends e-mails saying that I am corrupt as a police officer, apparently with the aim of publicizing this. Thereby clearly referring to me as an officer in the legitimate exercise of my ministry. I have surrendered the emails in question to be attached to this report. -Zeist police chief MDNDR011


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