Testimony 128 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

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Execution indicates an honour killing. It is well known that in Afghan circles, pouring a flammable liquid over and setting fire to it, and carrying out attacks with acidic substances are common methods of punishing a family member who is too westernised. I note that during the proceedings - which were attended by myself and later by daughter Anna - nothing of honour killing was found. If Geissen is of the opinion that this is the case, then he must come up with evidence. He is fortunate that the victim's family keeps the honour to themselves and does not allow themselves to be provoked by the heaps of slander and defamation poured over them by Geissen. Apart from that, there is no logic whatsoever: victim Narges was about to get married to a candidate who was accepted in all respects in that culture. What motive can you think of to kill someone in such a horrible way? Whose honour had to be revenged? The only thing I can think of is Geissen himself. Hendrik Jan Korterink

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