Testimony 244 in murder case Narges Achikzei

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Civil servant
Ralph Geissen has contacted the Justice and Security Inspectorate via Twitter, and then by email. From his posts, I gather that he has complaints about police and prosecutor's office officials. He claims that these officials have acted corruptly.

The Inspectorate monitors the performance of duties by the police, such as the quality of the investigation. Possible criminal conduct by individual police officers should be investigated by the State Criminal Investigation Department. If, in Geissen's judgment, this is the case, he should report it to the chief public prosecutor. Signs that may indicate a structural problem in the investigation may be grounds for the Inspectorate to launch an investigation. The Inspectorate has found no evidence of problems in the case of the Zeister fire murder that indicate a more structural problem in the execution of duties by the police. Therefore, the Inspectorate sees no reason to conduct investigations in response to its report.

The Inspectorate does not monitor the performance of members of the public prosecutor's office. Pursuant to Article 122 of the Judicial Organization Act, the Attorney General to the Supreme Court is authorized to investigate whether the Public Prosecutor's Office, in the performance of its duties, properly enforces or implements the legal regulations.

Inspectorate will include the information sent by Geissen in a risk analysis, which will form the basis for an annual work program.

Further correspondence on this subject will only lead to repetition of positions. I do not consider that useful. For this reason, the Inspectorate will no longer respond to any further correspondence or other requests from Geissen regarding this matter. -Ewald Riks, Chief Inspector of the Justice and Security Inspectorate


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