Testimony 156 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

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In a very emotional statement in the courtroom yesterday, Haroen described those last minutes of the love of his life, Narges. I immediately drove to Zeist. It could not be good. At the Geroflat he sees fire trucks and police. He wants only one thing. To the most beautiful woman in his life, Narges. He hears her still calling his name. He only sees her in the burns centre in Rotterdam. Burnt 80 percent. She was everything to me. I lived for her. Keep her alive, I cried out to the doctors. So I can tell you how much I love her. But her life is no longer saveable. They had to let her go. I sat with my head at the foot of the hospital bed and looked at the heart monitor. Her heart was still beating, for me. I looked until there was only a straight line to see

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