Testimony 237 in Narges Achikzei murder case

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Ralph Geissen does not deny having made the statements mentioned in the subpoena.

However, the statements should be seen in the light of the fact, that Geissen did not intend to attack anyone's good name or to insult those involved or the police team. With this, Geissen wanted to draw attention to a serious social problem (honour killings) and to make visible the failure of the police to deal with it. Although Geissen did address two individuals, this was in their capacity as police officers and in relation to the 'fire murder case in Zeist'.

In the "fire murder case in Zeist," a woman was sentenced in 2013 to 12 years in prison and mandatory admission to pscyhiatric clinic. However, the convict in that case has said little about her motive in that case. Geissen was the former employer of the victim in that case and had already called attention to the fact, even before her fateful death, that she was the victim of a forced marriage. Although there was apparently insufficient criminal evidence for this, according to Geissen (and others) it cannot be excluded that other persons were involved in this murder. Geissen has repeatedly pointed police and judicial authorities to indications, that there were honour killings and obstruction of a forced marriage. According to Geissen, these indications were never taken seriously and did not lead to a proper investigation. It should also be pointed out that Geissen was severely damaged by the extremely gruesome murder of someone he had known closely and was dear to him.

Geissen has become aware that honour killings are a very large and international problem and has become an expert in this field through his own activities and studies. This case is not about arbitrary accusations stripped of any basis.


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