Testimony 239 in Narges Achikzei murder case

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Civil servant
Ralph Geissen, Narges Achikzei's ex-employer, sent a number of emails to the National Expert Center for Honor Related Violence (LEC EGG).

In response to his questions, he was informed that the LEC EGG provided support to the investigation team in 2009 at the request of the then Utrecht Region Police.

All information about this case is available with the local police. I understand that Geissen has already been answered by them. Therefore, I have no other information for Geissen.

As far as details of the investigation at the time are concerned, no information may be given to third parties under the Police Data Act. However, I did want to inform Geissen that several scenarios, including honor-related violence, were taken into account in this investigation.

The cultural interpretation of a motive is complex and varies from case to case. Sometimes cases may appear to a person who does not have all the information to be a clear case of Honor Violence, but that is not always confirmed in an investigation involving all the information.

Since this is a local police matter and Geissen's emails have been answered within the possibilities of the law, there will be no further response to his emails from this side. -Wilfred Janmaat, Coordinator LEC EGG


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