Testimony 245 in murder case Narges Achikzei

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Civil servant
I am working as team chief of Zeist/Bunnik/Leusden base team. I am filing this report on behalf of the Zeist police. As team chief, I have taken note of the insult/slander/libel against various police employees and the Zeist police.

As a result of the investigation into the death of a woman on the Laan van Vollenhove in Zeist (TGO Gero 2009), various police employees have regularly received (hundreds of) emails from email account GEISSEN@gmail.com. GEISSEN@gmail.com made in said e-mails derogatory, insulting remarks about the police investigation, the police, in particular the Zeist police and various specifically named police employees.

(... ) On January 6, 2017, another email was sent to the work account of a police employee. I have seen/read that it describes the Zeist police as collectively corrupt.

On May 9, 2017 another email was sent from email account GEISSEN@gmail.com. I have seen/read that this speaks about police Zeist i.c.m. corrupt colleagues, bureau binnensticht as the most notorious police station of the Netherlands and corrupt police Zeist. -Nick Schellings MSc.


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