Testimony 27 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

Local resident
It happens by chance in my own street. There are quite a lot of Farsi and Dari speakers who I have known for a few years. They think they know that there is an internal problem within the clan, and that would even reach to England. The truth will never come to light, the family seems to rather die than talk. This family came here because in 2003 there was an arrangement that Afghans could stay automatically, a lot of misery was brought in and the IND could not do anything about it. It took 16 months for the scheme to be reversed. I have great difficulty with that. These people simply do not shy away from committing a terrorist act on the 12th floor of a gallery apartment. Consciously putting hundreds of lives at risk! Then you really don't fit in with this society.

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