Testimony 34 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

The perpetrator's motive is not yet known because she answers every question with the same answer: 'I don't know'. Typically for every killer who wants to qualify for the madhouse. A possible motive according to the police could be that MDNDR021 was in love with Narges' friend. In my opinion, MDNDR021 is a jealous, unscrupulous woman who is very dangerous to society. She was unhappy herself and was unhappy with another person's happiness... Rest in peace dear Narges Dear reader of AD, I would like to make a change to the text. Narges Achikzei was 23 years old, a student of Amsterdam University and 28 is MDNDR021, the woman who set Narges on fire. Police thought of suicide when the camera images had not yet been seen. After the police announced that the perpetrator was a woman, the next of kin were overwhelmed by the lies and false accusations of the media that this was an honour killing.

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