Testimony 31 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

Civil servant
The Utrecht Public Prosecutor today demanded 23 years' imprisonment for a 29-year-old woman suspected of killing a 23-year-old woman by setting fire to her. The motif: jealousy. The incident took place on 7 December 2009 at approximately half past five in de Geroflat in Zeist. On the twelfth floor, the victim was covered with petrol and set on fire. She was transported to the Medical Centre (UMC) and later to the Burns Centre in Rotterdam. That evening she died of her injuries. The jealousy-motif is based on the statements of witnesses. The suspect does not want to explain why she has carried out this act and how she has carried it out exactly. There are many testimonies that indicate that the suspect liked the future husband of the victim very much and that the suspect had to cry when it became known that marriage was imminent. The officer blamed the accused for not having disclosed the facts. In this way the next of kin do not receive an answer to the questions that live with them, and the officer described this as an addition of suffering. As an aggravating circumstance, he took into account the horrific way in which the victim was murdered. After the fire was extinguished, she was still conscious and suffered a great deal of pain. A true martyrdom'. The fact that the accused has a blank criminal record therefore did not play a role for the officer. And because she was found to be fully accountable, the officer demanded nothing but a very long prison sentence of 23 years. - Mr. Rob van Noort, Utrecht District Public Prosecutor's Office

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