Testimony 187 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

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I had heard that that woman was going to marry an Afghan man, but her boss (Dutchman) was jealous or so, because he already wanted to marry her but that woman did not want to, and then she was sacked by her boss. That woman then went to court and so on. and she won the lawsuit, causing that man's business to go bankrupt. and then that man wanted revenge and when it was dark hecalled her at the door, (she lived in a flat) and said that he had a package, and asked if she wanted to come down... and that woman was at that moment on the phone with her 'future husband' and told that man that she was going down... and then she was probably murdered downstairs. and that future man of her was worried because she was constantly calling. so that man went to see if so... and then found her or something.... haha, I myself am also an Afghan... so I heard that via.. but I'm not sure if it's true!

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