Testimony 51 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

the girl was set on fire because her DUTCH ex-boss was in love with her...After she had not responded to his love and was engaged, he went to sue her for all kinds of things. The girl had even gone to the police to indict him. NEXT TIME: CHECK YOUR RECORDS!!!! Please don't just sit and talk bad about the Afghans. Nope, but the family said this themselves, they had been working on it for a year now. The name of her ex-boss is ralph geissen. If you type his name in google then you can see what kind of nonsense he has written. But he writes it in such a way that it seems as if he is right. He also published all his letters etc. to lawyer/judge on the internet because he simply knew he was wrong and wanted to use this to defame her name and the name of her family / fiancée. All in all, the police have not yet made anything public. But they have already gone to the family, where quarrels arose then because the family said that the police are already too late. They didn't do anything at his time..... Oh, they were 3 Dutch men according to a witness. The girl was talking to her fiancée by phone when via the intercom was called (she lived in a flat) that she got a package delivered. She went down to get it, but there was no one. When she went upstairs again three white men were waiting for her. Then they threw petrol over her and set her on fire. It now seems clear to me that it was the ex-boss.

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