Testimony 165 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

Khuda jazayetana beta... with you humans, a dead person doesn't even have peace... the whole story is.. Narges was already 5 years engaged she would marry this week. 1 week before her wedding she was burnt alive by a Dutchman...and who was sent by her ex boss...he did this because he fell in love with Narges he said if you don't marry me I will kill you and your fiancée... she went to the police with this and reported... Typically Dutch police that are too slow and soft, only now do they take action, only when there is a murdercase. But good people when you gossip do it well and don't start nonsense... as fiancée has done, I was at the funeral when you knew how that poor boy screamed and cried with grief. Toba bekashen instead of gossiping about a dead person.

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