Testimony 164 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

This girl was set on fire by order of her ex-boss named Ralph Geissen (Dutch man). She had just won a lawsuit against her ex-boss and as a result his company Advios Assurantien B.V. was declared bankrupt on 1 September. All these conflicts arose when the girl was engaged and therefore her faith for Islam had become stronger, she also began to wear headscarves which proved to be unbearable for the ex-boss Ralph Geissen and therefore he immediately sacked her. After that, the ex-boss Ralph Geissen tried in various ways to defame the whole family with fake proofs, but that did not lead to anything. Eventually, this cowardly murderer killed the girl in this way out of hatred. Ralph Geissen is a strongly disbelieving person with a great hatred for Islam and Muslims. People, study first, then speak up. There is enough information on the internet about Ralph Geissen lies against this poor Muslim family

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