Testimony 168 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

Ralph Geissen the ex boss of Narges Achekzai, you write all this. You are active in this forum and every time you place your text with a different nickname. Of course! You have even been declared bankrupt by the courts, so you have had time to be active in all the websites and, moreover, you, as a worthless and unscrupulous person, have nothing to lose. You threatened Narges and her fiancée with death because Narges didn't want to have anything to do with you. It' s better to lie underground than to marry a worthless figure like you. Old cock! Couldn't you get anyone of your own age? Pedophile had fallen in love with his intern. Are you happy that she died? She was a vulnerable and innocent girl. I wish I had been in her place. Then you would have seen what happens to the paedophiles and insane. You are ill and dangerous to society. If her fiancée had been an inclusive type, as you describe him on every site, then he would have cut you into pieces and no dog would have found your body. YOU WILL BURN IN HELL. I know that you, as an atheist, do not believe in hell. You certainly laugh at the word hell, but how strong is your source that there is no hell? That you, as a terrible devil, go unpunished? You don't believe this yourself, don't you? Come on! You're not that stupid. Remember one thing. Not everyone is as nice as Narges and her fiancée. There are a lot of people on earth who are capable of much worse deeds than you did.

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