Testimony 122 out of 225 in the murder case Narges Achikzei

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If they had suspected that former boss, the police would have gone deeper into that misery. Furthermore, setting fire to someone else is not something that first comes to mind for a Dutch person and more an act that suits a foreigner (not meant to be offensive). The same applies to throat cutting, which is also more common in Islamic countries than in the Netherlands, if only because animals have to be slaughtered in this way. On the other hand, one might wonder whether setting fire to her should have led to mutilation and not to murder. This in turn e.g. to prevent the wedding (man doesn't want to marry a mutilated girlfriend or rejects her to marry another woman). The fact that the act was committed by a woman also made me think of a problem in the private domain rather than that I believe that there are female assassins active in the Netherlands.

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